Orly Taitz on Obama’s ‘Brown Shirts’… Orly Taitz Compares President Obama’s Henchmen to Nazi’s

Orly Taitz on Obama’s ‘Brown Shirts’… Orly Taitz Compares President Obama’s Henchmen to Nazi’s


Dr. Orly Taitz is a reputed Dentist and Attorney out of California. Recently she has gained international recognition due to her aggressive involvement in the Tea Party, more specifically the Birther movement. Orly Taitz is well known for her litigation aimed to discredit Obama’s citizenship. Dr. Orly Taitz has also made claim that Obama’s administration is comparable to the ‘Brown Shirts’ of Nazi Germany. The recent behavior of the militant left wing attacking Dr. Taitz shows the similarities between the Nazi ‘Brown Shirts’ and the militant left wing Obama liberals.

Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ were used to indoctrinate the German people with National Socialism. Likewise, Obama’s political organization has used the militant left wing of the Democratic Party to indoctrinate the American people with national healthcare (a tenet of Marxist socialism).

In the 1920’s Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ would beat, humiliate and trash the opponents of National Socialism. Similarly, Orly Taitz is a vocal opponent of Obama’s socialist agenda. As a result, Obama’s ‘Brown Shirts’ have waged an evil smear campaign against Orly Taitz and her Tea Party politics. This can be seen with the recent attempts by the militant wing of the Democratic party to defame the good character of Orly Taitz by spreading rumors in the media that she was disbarred as an attorney.

One of the most fundamental rights given to us in the Constitution is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Orly Taitz is an upstanding American citizen with conservative political views. One would think, in a free society, that opposing political views would be encouraged. That belief was a fact, until Orly Taitz stepped onto the national scene. Dr. Orly Taitz has had her freedom of speech abridged by the ruling liberal elite. At every turn, the Obama ‘Brown Shirts’ personally attack Dr. Taitz through misinformation and misrepresentation. Dr. Taitz is a credentialed attorney practicing out of California. Instead of a political dialogue, the Obama liberals resort to tactics that include spreading false rumors that she was disbarred from the California Bar Association, that she fabricated false evidence (evidence that is widely regarded as fact) that Obama was not born in the United States, and that Dr. Taitz distorts the constitutional safeguards in place for the qualifications set forth to be President of the United States.

The constitution protects the freedoms granted to the press for objective reporting and journalism. However, in  the new era of “Obamaism”, freedom of the press has become a thing of the past. The liberal ruling elite owns, controls, and dictates the media in the United States. These neo-socialists use their state controlled media to decide what is presented to the public. It is this same media that protects the obvious discrepancies with Obama’s birth records and citizenship. Likewise, the National Socialists’ “Brown Shirts” used thuggery to put down the oppositional press and bought newspapers in Germany to promulgate their socialistic propaganda.


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