Orly Taitz Demands Obama’s Legal Birth Certificate, Orly Taitz discovers Obama’s Illegal Use of A Social Security Number

Orly Taitz Demands Obama’s Legal Birth Certificate, Orly Taitz discovers Obama’s Illegal Use of A Social Security Number

Orly Taitz Esquire is a California attorney who has aggressively pursued the release of President Obama’s Hawaii long-form birth certificate. Orly Taitz filed a complaint in federal court to force the release of Obama’s Social Security files as well.

“I’m not asking for Obama’s Social Security number,” Attorney Orly Taitz says while acknowledging that the Social Security Administration will not release the number of a living person. Orly Taitz wants related information, including information about deceased individuals that will help us prove whether or not Obama has committed Social Security fraud.

Orly Taitz filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to force the Social Security Administration to respond to her Freedom of Information Act request seeking information on Obama’s Social Security number. At the heart of this complaint, Orly Taitz pled to the court the suspicion that Obama has engaged in Social Security fraud by using a number initially issued to another person.

Orly Taitz contends that the Social Security number Obama has used the most often since around 1980 was, according to Lexis Nexis and Choice Point, initially assigned to an elderly individual born in 1890 who resided in Connecticut, informs Orly Taitz.

In her complaint, Orly Taitz claims that Obama is linked in national databases to some 39 different Social Security numbers, including one allegedly issued in1976 or 1977 to a person born in 1890 who living in Connecticut at the time of the Social Security application.

“In and around 1976-1977 due to new Social Security requirements multiple elderly individuals, was particularly women, who were housewives and never worked before, applied to obtain Social Security Benefits,” Orly Taitz explained in her complaint.

Orly Taitz also explains, “The date of birth of 1890 originally connected to Obama’s Social Security number was consistent with many other examples of elderly individuals, born between 1890-1915, applying for Social Security cards for the first time between 1976-1977.”

This FOIA request is the second request made by Orly Taitz to the Social Security Administration, seeking to obtain Obama’s Social Security records. An earlier request made by Orly Taitz was denied May 18, 2010, on privacy grounds. The D.C. court denied Orly Taitz and her appeal to the previous FOIA filing on the grounds that the appeal was filed prior to the final determination by the Social Security Administration.

On Oct. 4, 2010, Orly Taitz filed a second FOIA request with the Social Security Administration, refining her request in an attempt to avoid the privacy concerns that determined the agency’s previous denial.
So far, the Social Security Administration has not responded to the second FOIA request made by Orly Taitz, despite the six certified letters Orly Taitz has sent to the agency since Oct. 4, 2010. To buttress her arguments, Orly Taitz submitted to the federal court affidavits signed by private investigators Susan Daniels and John Sampson.


Orly Taitz on Obama; The Next Stalin? Orly Taitz, Victim of Obama Smear

Orly Taitz on Obama; The Next Stalin?

Dr. Orly Taitz is a renowned conservative political activist, known internationally as the individual responsible for exposing the truth about President Barack Obama’s heritage, birth and identity. On a recent television interview, Dr. Taitz exercised her freedom of speech comparing Barack Obama to Joseph Stalin. The similarities between these two left wing political figures are both striking and obvious.

In 1937–38, Joseph Stalin waged a campaign against former members of the communist opposition, potential rivals in the party, and other alleged enemies of the regime culminated in the Great Purge, a period of mass repression in which hundreds of thousands of people were executed, including Red Army leaders convicted in coup d’état plots.

In 2010-2011, Barack Obama waged a campaign against Orly Taitz, the leadership of the opposition Tea Party, and the American electorate. Once evidence surfaced questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s constitutional qualifications to be president, a left wing militant campaign of disinformation and slander was waged against his opponents. Orly Taitz became a victim of a malicious smear campaign, as the left wing of the Democratic party circulated false information that she had been disbarred as an attorney. Average middle class Americans were caricatured as extremists and outsiders due to their involvement with the Tea Party. Most shocking is the ongoing manipulation of evidence showing Barak Obama has no constitutional authority to be president, which is tad amount to brainwashing the American electorate.

In August 1939, after the failure to establish an Anglo-Franco-Soviet Alliance,[5] Stalin’s USSR entered into a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany, dividing their spheres of influence in Eastern Europe. This pact allowed the Soviet Union to regain some of the former territories of the Russian Empire in PolandFinland, the BalticsBessarabia and northern Bukovina during the early period of World War II.

In 2009, Barak Obama made unilateral concessions to Vladimir Putin and the Russian Republic on nuclear weapons, missile defense, and trade. Adolph Hitler became more aggressive after his pact with Stalin, similarly to how Putin has become more aggressive with the United States since Obama “reset” relations.

Three months before the election of Barak Obama, Putin’s Russian Federation invaded Georgia, a staunch U.S. allied in the war in Afghanistan. Almost immediately after the event, Russia virtually invaded Poland in a pretend attack that included the use of nuclear missiles — an eerie echo of the post-Chamberlain blitzkrieg disaster. And those who thought that the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, would stop with virtual missiles were very much mistaken. Recently, Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying “Americans are parasites feeding off the world economy.”

The similarities with Barak Obama and Joseph Stalin, their failed economic policies, and their poor judgement in placating evil tyrants with unilateral concessions…these similarities are obvious and prophetic. Unlike communist USSR in the 1930’s, the American people can put a stop to the past repeating itself.

In his last years, Stalin also launched the so-called Great Construction Projects of Communism and the Great Plan for the Transformation of Nature.

Orly Taitz Supports Israeli Military Action; Orly Taitz on Hezbollah and Hamas

Orly Taitz was recently asked: Is Israel justified in its strong military action against Hezbollah and Hamas?
Orrly Taitz responds – yes, on three levels. First, Israel had withdrawn from both Gaza and Lebanon so there wasn’t even the usual excuse of “resisting occupation” to justify the launching of rockets into Israel and the unprovoked attacks on and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. If anything, Orly Taitz’s argument can be made that Israel’s mistake was not earlier enforcing a stated policy of zero tolerance of aggression once it pulled out of the two areas.

Second, Orly Taitz recognizes that Hezbollah and Hamas are not just engaged in violence and terror. These organizations seek to severely weaken Israel and to create a situation where Israel’s very existence is once again threatened. Orly Taitz supports that Israel clearly needs to respond to these threats – not only to stop this current aggression, but to make clear that it will not stand for greater threats down the road.

Third, Orly Taitz points out Israel’s ability to survive and prosper for decades in a region where enemies abound has been due to its strength and deterrence which held off cross-border aggression because of fear of a massive Israeli response. Hezbollah and Hamas, together with Syria and Iran, decided to challenge and even collapse that deterrence capability through their rockets, which, particularly in the case of Hezbollah, are even more lethal and long-ranging than Israel anticipated.

Orly Taitz understands that weapons technology advances mean that in the future, Israel will likely have to deal with the specter of missiles armed with chemical weapons. Israel understood that it must end the barrage now or else it will never end, and will jeopardize Israel’s fundamental security and existence as an independent state.

Maybe so, but Israel has been accused of a “disproportionate” response that may undermine the Lebanese government. Why is this necessary?

Orly Taitz knows that Israel must take into account questions of proportionality, including the impact on civilian populations and the impact on the government of Lebanon. In fact, Orly Taitz recognizes it has been doing exactly that. Its goal in Lebanon is clear – to eliminate the Hezbollah threat to Israel, mostly by dramatically weakening its firepower and leadership and creating a situation where the Lebanese army will finally take control of southern Lebanon, which the UN had already mandated six years ago.

To achieve that goal, Israel is targeting Hezbollah’s infrastructure – its military installations, its political headquarters, its media outlets.

It is also targeting Lebanese infrastructure in a measured way to slow down and eliminate the massive flow of weapons from Syria and Iran which has made Hezbollah such a menacing force. Thus, Israel struck the Beirut airport to retard the arms flow and to prevent Hezbollah from shuttling out of the country the two captive Israeli soldiers – but not to a degree that the airport would be severely damaged and unable to reopen. The major highways to the Syrian border have similarly been targeted – again to prevent the removal of the Israeli soldiers into Syria and to prevent a new influx of arms from Syria. Orly Taitz points out that it is Hezbollah and its infrastructure that is under attack, not the Lebanese people. While there have been tragic civilian casualties, Israel has been leafleting residential neighborhoods with advance warning of impending Israeli attacks, providing opportunity for civilians to evacuate the areas. Orly Taitz is in full support of military actions against Hezbollah and Hamas.

The charge of a disproportionate response is unwarranted. It has the effect, if not the intent, to undermine Israel’s war of necessity against Hezbollah and Hamas, necessary for Israel’s security, necessary for Lebanon’s integrity as a state, necessary for the Arab world’s stability and necessary for the civilized world’s struggle against international terrorism.

Orly Taitz Disbarred, Dr. Orly Taitz Disbarred – Wrongful Accusations

Orly Taitz Disbarred, Wrongful Accusations

Orly Taitz is a strong advocate of the Tea Party and the Birther movement. As such Orly Taitz has become a target of false accusations on behalf of the Democrats. One such accusation is the claim that Orly Taitz has been disbarred as an attorney. One of many untrue claims brought against Orly Taitz.

Orly Taitz knows from experience that being wrongfully accused of something you did not do is a frustrating experience. Whether it is your spouse accusing you of having an affair or being accused of doing something criminal and illegal, Orly Taitz wants you to know there are steps that you can take to help you deal with the situation in a proper manner.



Remain calm and do not get irate or upset with the individual who is making false accusations. If it is a loved one that you are dealing with, try to determine what is making them think that you have done what you are being accused of. Orly Taitz points out that it may stem from their lack of trust or your recent actions that were perceived in the wrong way. If someone is accusing you of doing something illegal, remain silent, document what is being told to you, and seek legal counsel immediately.


Orly Taitz recommends that you provide your accuser with factual information or proof that their accusations are wrong. Determine if their accusations are based on their own irrational thinking. If you are being accused of something illegal you should also provide your attorney with as much information as possible regarding the circumstances of the situation, and your innocence and whereabouts on the day the incident or situation took place.


Give your accuser time and space to cool off if he is over reacting, using irrational thinking, and refuses to listen to you. Orly Taitz wants you to ask yourself if this is the first time this person has acted out like this and falsely accused you, or if their actions are consistent behavioral patterns in your relationship that need to be addressed with a professional neutral party.


Identify and use credible witnesses who can speak on your behalf regarding the situation as Orly Taitz has. When dealing with a false criminal accusation, you will also want persons that know you to write positive letters on your behalf regarding your character and the type of person you are. These letters can be from the people you work with, neighbors, family, friends and church members.


Most importantly, Orly Taitz encourages that you seek out a support system or talk with a private counselor who can help you deal with your own emotions and anger about being falsely accused. Talk with people who have been in the same circumstances who can provide insight on how to handle the situation as well as a source of comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Orly Taitz on Obama’s ‘Brown Shirts’… Orly Taitz Compares President Obama’s Henchmen to Nazi’s

Orly Taitz on Obama’s ‘Brown Shirts’… Orly Taitz Compares President Obama’s Henchmen to Nazi’s


Dr. Orly Taitz is a reputed Dentist and Attorney out of California. Recently she has gained international recognition due to her aggressive involvement in the Tea Party, more specifically the Birther movement. Orly Taitz is well known for her litigation aimed to discredit Obama’s citizenship. Dr. Orly Taitz has also made claim that Obama’s administration is comparable to the ‘Brown Shirts’ of Nazi Germany. The recent behavior of the militant left wing attacking Dr. Taitz shows the similarities between the Nazi ‘Brown Shirts’ and the militant left wing Obama liberals.

Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ were used to indoctrinate the German people with National Socialism. Likewise, Obama’s political organization has used the militant left wing of the Democratic Party to indoctrinate the American people with national healthcare (a tenet of Marxist socialism).

In the 1920’s Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ would beat, humiliate and trash the opponents of National Socialism. Similarly, Orly Taitz is a vocal opponent of Obama’s socialist agenda. As a result, Obama’s ‘Brown Shirts’ have waged an evil smear campaign against Orly Taitz and her Tea Party politics. This can be seen with the recent attempts by the militant wing of the Democratic party to defame the good character of Orly Taitz by spreading rumors in the media that she was disbarred as an attorney.

One of the most fundamental rights given to us in the Constitution is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Orly Taitz is an upstanding American citizen with conservative political views. One would think, in a free society, that opposing political views would be encouraged. That belief was a fact, until Orly Taitz stepped onto the national scene. Dr. Orly Taitz has had her freedom of speech abridged by the ruling liberal elite. At every turn, the Obama ‘Brown Shirts’ personally attack Dr. Taitz through misinformation and misrepresentation. Dr. Taitz is a credentialed attorney practicing out of California. Instead of a political dialogue, the Obama liberals resort to tactics that include spreading false rumors that she was disbarred from the California Bar Association, that she fabricated false evidence (evidence that is widely regarded as fact) that Obama was not born in the United States, and that Dr. Taitz distorts the constitutional safeguards in place for the qualifications set forth to be President of the United States.

The constitution protects the freedoms granted to the press for objective reporting and journalism. However, in  the new era of “Obamaism”, freedom of the press has become a thing of the past. The liberal ruling elite owns, controls, and dictates the media in the United States. These neo-socialists use their state controlled media to decide what is presented to the public. It is this same media that protects the obvious discrepancies with Obama’s birth records and citizenship. Likewise, the National Socialists’ “Brown Shirts” used thuggery to put down the oppositional press and bought newspapers in Germany to promulgate their socialistic propaganda.